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Nov 28, 2020

In Ep108 we sit down with good friend and actor Becky Jo Harris! We talk about acting, auditioning, Groundling classes, favorite actors, recent projects like her VO work on a new video game, plus much more! 

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Nov 25, 2020

In an old scrapbook, I came across a letter thanking my grandpa for being a part of the 1949 film "Sands of Iwo Jima". It is personally signed by the director Allan Dwan, the producer, and John Wayned himself! The letter is from Republic Productions Inc. which was the studio behind the film.

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Nov 21, 2020

We discuss the importance of writing and getting the ideas on paper before they are forgotten with Stand up Comedian Ashley Rose.

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Nov 19, 2020

In Ep107, I show McClay my old "D.A.R.E." certificate which sparked a convo about the bullshit "War on Drugs", and guess who is winning...Drugs! We also talk about our own drug experimentation growing up, close encounters with cops, a signed John Wayne letter to my grandpa, plus much more!

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Nov 15, 2020

All the way from Los Angeles and from the Binge on This Network, Samy Maskell joins us! We talk about his new show, "Sam of All Trades", his youtube channel, his new book, how to play Dungeons & Dragons, screenwriting, plus much more!

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