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Jan 28, 2020

Eric Walters is the host of Tap That AZ Podcast and co-author of "The Arizona Beer Book", which highlights breweries from across the state. Don't forget to Subscribe!

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Jan 19, 2020

In Ep65 we sit down with Carla Howey from the Howey Acting Studio. Carla and her husband Bill have been teaching since 1980 in Los Angeles, and she shares some amazing stories about Sam Kinison, Tom Selleck, Patrick Swayze, her son Steve starring on Shameless, and even what Nancy Cartwright did to land her audition as...

Jan 18, 2020

In Ep64 we sit down with Legendary news personality Mike Watkiss. I'm not sure why I introduced him as a news "anchor", because he went DEEP into the field to bring some of the most popular stories, not just here in the valley, but from all over the world. We talk everything from the L.A. riots, O.J. Simpson,...

Jan 13, 2020

In Ep63, Keith Obit and Bryan McClay talk about the ups and downs shooting the 61 episodes of The Bogcast in 2019 and some of the CRAZY shit that happened along the way. Also, McClay attempts to smoke some 5-MeO-DMT. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!

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Jan 8, 2020

In Ep62 we bring back Film Critic and creator of the Arizona Filmmaker's Showcase Matthew Robinson. He talks more about the showcase and how to submit your films, his process of critiquing films,  2019 favorites and disappointments, plus much more! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!

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