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Aug 21, 2019

In Episode 34 we sit down with the amazing Shannon Dia! We talk about how she got into photography, which includes everything from Headshots to Behind the Scenes on sets, cinematography, Dark Descent, The Artist's Box, plus much more! Don't forget to Subscribe!!!

Find Shannon Dia: IG: @sdia_photography

The Artist's Box:...

Aug 16, 2019

In Episode 33 we sit down with Filmmaker Joseph Mbah. We discuss his latest film Expo (available now On Demand – Cable & Satellite), in which he wrote, directed, and was also the cinematographer. I got to pick his brain about his writing process, pre-production, dealing with actors, and we even talk about my hero...

Aug 14, 2019

In Episode 32, Bryan sparks two Top Tier Indica Blunts laced with a Keefy Space Rock and Keith has a dry BOOGER hanging from his nose. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!

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Aug 10, 2019

In Ep 31 we have our very first returning guest, the homie Josh Schultz aka Tha Wikid One! We talk about his private Ghost Hunting Tour of The Haunting in Scottsdale House (recently showcased on Ghost Adventures), his new show Haunted Honeymooners with his beautiful wife, Jessica Stabbit. Also Keith playing Tex...

Aug 1, 2019

In Ep 30 we sit down with Musician (and Jedi Knight), Daniel Hitchcock. We talk about his band ELYSIUM(see link below), his musical roots, Hybrid Theory, Bob Lazar and storming Area 51, Don't fuck with food handlers, the Uni-bomber was my dealer, and much more! Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!!!

Find Daniel Hitchcock at: